The Perfect Kitchen for You.

Contrary to popular belief a new kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
It’s true to say that nine times out of ten the kitchen is the most expensive area of your home to re-model but we’ve completed kitchens for less than £1000!
Most kitchens now (unless your desire is a bespoke built kitchen) comprise of a laminated chipboard carcass with either laminated or solid wood doors.
These modern units are stylish and well constructed with a fantastic selection of finishes and are not to be confused with the old DIY favorite from MFI some ten or twenty years ago. Our portfolio of work ranges from these modern ranges to bespoke designed handmade cabinetry.
As with most areas of the building industry, but particularly Kitchens and bathrooms the finish is of upmost importance.
There really is no point in spending good money on units and work surfaces or shower enclosures and hand basins only to employ unskilled labour to install -the desired finish will simply not be there at the end.

Perfect Results Achieved Due To Premium Service

We have many years’ experience in fitting literally hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms and are well placed to take you from the initial concept (Kitchen or bathroom design, electrical requirements, appliances requirements etc.) all the way though to choosing the finer details like taps, titles and lighting.
This comprehensive service is delivered through our approach of working with clients in partnership, listening to your requirements and drawing on the expertise our team of craftsmen have acquired in the years we have been working on projects across a wide range of budgets and tastes. We feel that the best testimony to the quality of service we provide is our large number of clients that we have worked with repeatedly over many years.

Kitchens – The process

The process of fitting a kitchen

Kitchen, Fitting Process of Before - CRM Contractors
Kitchen Before
Kitchen, Fitting Process of Stage 2 - CRM Contractors
Kitchen Stage 2
Kitchen, Fitting Process of After - CRM Contractors
Kitchen After