Fully Qualified Decorators with years of experience

Decorating is all about ‘the finish’. But it is achieved with a vast array of techniques used in the preparation and an extensive knowledge of professional materials.Just as one technique or one particular product will work fantastically in a certain situation, the same technique or product will almost certainly not work for another.

As third generation Decorators we feel that the art of painting and decorating has been somewhat lost in the UK now
Our family run team are decorators! Painting, Fireplaces, Wallpapering, Finishing, wood work, creative tiling.
We adhere to Industry standards and will advise and consult with you to discuss the best approaches that produces quality, safety and longevity. Costs are discussed at the outset.
Our Customers are proud to provide testimonials and final photography of finished work.

Specialist Projects

Non-standard projects include consultation to outline the possibilities and limitations for a bespoke project. For example, a room refurbishment or restoration, or a preservation of period features to revert back to a former state.

Specialist projects involve an amount of custom and bespoke craftsmanship, and often will utilise an Interior design assistance, skilled work persons, to produce a 3D rendering of the final look and feel for your project.

Planning Approved

Happy Customers

Projects Completed

Specialist Tooling

The right tool for the job is a key part of our work. We have invested in specialist tools to help us accomplish both standard and specialist projects that help with the quality, efficiency and speed of the project, often when working with unusual or labour intensive materials.

Specialist tooling is required for unusual shapes in walls, ceilings. partitions and irregular room shape retro fits of standard Kitchen and bathroom projects. You cannot fit a square peg into a round tool – equipment and expertise is required for custom projects

Our Customers

We ask our customers to leave a review or a testimonial of various projects that we have completed that showcase our work. See some of project work here.

Our customers come back to us, and many we have worked on various projects for a number of years

We work within the local community and Hertfordshire and CRM Contractors are well known and referred to within the community.

Our customers benefit from knowing we are nearby, and can contact us with any questions during or after the projects and we are delighted to see customers who are proud of the work.